Policies - Section 600 - Advocacy

December 12, 2012


601        AIMS

  1. Aims of Public Relations

Public relations involve every person who has any connection with the Valleyview Municipal Library. The aims of public relations include:

  1. Make civic and municipal leaders and the general public aware of the Library's objectives and the services offered.
  2. Encourage active participation by people of all ages in the programs and services offered by the Library.
  3. Invite input from members of the community at large concerning planning for existing and potential programs and/or services and the evaluation there of.

Trustee Roles 

  1. The Library Board is encouraged to take an active part in the affairs of the community to promote a high profile for the Library.
  2. The Library Board shall be willing to volunteer time to represent the Library in community projects.
  3. The Library Board shall encourage staff to become involved in community projects and/or groups.
  4. The Library Board shall endeavor to maintain a high profile amongst civic and municipal leaders and provide opportunities to promote the Library mission to same.
  5. The Library Board shall strive to maintain a vibrant Library.

Staff Roles 

  1. The Library Co-ordinator will, whenever possible, promote the Library within the community.
  2. The Library Co-ordinator and the staff are encouraged to take an active role in the affairs of the community in order to promote the Library.

603        ADVOCACY
603.1        Definition of Advocacy

  1. Advocacy is the planned, deliberate, sustained effort of the Library to maintain an awareness and high profile within the community and amongst decision-makers.


  1. A Library advocate will find out the agenda of a decision-maker, and demonstrate to him/her how a certain activity or program of the Library can advance that agenda. It is important that Board members be well acquainted with public officials.


  1. Advocacy often includes the need to lobby. The Library Board and/or the Library Co-ordinator shall interact with decision-makers to secure specific objectives at an appropriate time in the legislative, policymaking, or budget process. It is imperative to choose strategies that will be effective in obtaining objectives and influencing the decision-makers.


  1. The Library Board and Library Co-ordinator shall establish good public relations and maintain open, two-way communication between themselves and their various publics -"this is who we are, this is what we do, for whom, and when".