We Accept Donations

Cash Donations

The Library is grateful for cash donations to assist with bringing special programs and events to the library, or in memory of a loved one. We can receive funds via e-transfer. If you wish to make a cash donation, please contact us 780-524-3033 for instructions.

Donations of Books and other items

Many of the books and other items sold during our Never-Ending Book Sale have been donated by individuals and groups in our community. We also receive donations from other libraries, colleges, and universities. We thank our community for their generous donations and for supporting our Library.

Donation Guidelines

Small numbers of books (1-10 items) and other donations may be put through our book return drop slot at any time or dropped off at the circulation desk. If you have larger numbers of donations you may drop them off at the circulation desk during the staffed hours when someone is on hand to help you.

Our book sales are only as good as our donations. We can only sell books and items that are in good condition. Books that are moldy or smelly, have torn covers or missing pages, or have been nibbled on by the family pet cannot be sold. Please recycle these books yourself.

We gladly accept:

  • Items which are in good condition, clean, dry, mold-free
  • Books with covers intact
  • Audio books on CDs or MP3
  • Commerically produced CDs
  • Commercially produced DVDs and/or Blu-ray Discs
  • Puzzles and Games
  • Console Games in good condition (Wii, PS3, XBox)

The Library also accepts the following items for donation:

  • Clean, dry cardboard - which we cut up and recycle as packaging materials for our inter-library loan shipping.
  • Recycled plastic grocery bags for patron use.
  • Craft supplies (paper, glue, paint, crayons, markers, colouring books, almost any kind of craft item is accepted)
  • Christmas or other Seasonal decorations which may be used in our displays.

We will NOT accept:

  • Items which are unhealthy to handle (dirty, moldy, smelly, burnt, chewed or wet)
  • Books missing covers
  • Most magazines (We will accept certain magazines, please call in advance to find out if we accept what you have.)
  • Encyclopedias or Encyclopedia Year Books
  • Homemade DVDs, CDs, videos, VHS or cassette tapes.
  • Reader's Digest Condensed Books, except large type editions
  • Law case books, statute books, and regulation books
  • Catalogues
  • Travel Guides which are more than two years old.

If you have items you think the Library could use in various programs, please give us a call at (780) 524-3033.

Memorial Gifting Program

A donation made to the Library in memory of a loved one is a heartfelt way to remember someone special, or to mark a special occasion. The Library receives operational funding through the Town of Valleyview and MD of Greenview #16, but your donations can help the Library to expand our collection and services to the community.

Memorial donations may be given in any amount, and you may request that they be donated towards a variety of collections and programs at the Library. Or, if you choose to make a $50 donation, a book will be purchased in your loved one's memory and a bookplate will be inserted inside the cover to recognize the honoree and the donor of the gift. A card or email can be sent to family members to let them know of your gift.

While the Library cannot accept the donation of physical books as part of this program (To learn more about donating books and other items above), your donation of funds may be directed towards specific types of collections or subject areas.

Library staff can assist you with suggestions for areas your donation can be used, or materials that are currently in high demand. Here are a few suggestions to help you choose where to direct your donation:


Did your loved one have a favourite fiction genre, like Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Science Fiction?


Did they enjoy Cooking, Quilting, Sports, Travel, History, True Crime, Westerns, Large Print books? 

Audiovisual/DVDs or Audiobooks:

Some people prefer to listen to audiobooks or watch movies. Did your loved one enjoy watching Westerns, Documentaries, Drama, Comedy, TV Series?

Magazine Subscriptions:

Did your loved one have a favourite magazine? Were they into Fashion, Travel, Science, Cooking, Decorating, Arts & Crafts?

Library Programs:

Maybe they enjoyed reading picture books to their children or grandchildren? Discussing books with friends, learning new skills or taking an art class? 

Here is an example of the customizable bookplate that will be inserted in Books, DVDs and Audiobooks:

We can accept donations of Cash, Debit or Credit Card, or by E-Transfer.  Unfortunately, we are unable to issue tax receipts, but we are grateful for your donations.

For more information, call 780-524-3033