Policies - Section 500 - Operations

March 16, 2020



501.1.1        Hours of Operation                                                      
a)    The Valleyview Municipal Library shall operate in accordance with the schedule set out by the Library Coordinator and approved by the Board.
b)    Emergency Closure: The Library shall be closed in the event of an emergency, upon approval by the Chairperson or his/her designate.
CROSS REF:  Appendix 501A
501.2       Fees
a)    Fees shall be reviewed and approved by the Board annually.
b)    An annual fee shall be charged to patrons wishing to become members of the Valleyview Municipal Library.
c)     Patrons shall also be charged a per diem fine for overdue materials.
d)    Fees and fines may be waived at the discretion of the Library Coordinator.
501.3       Resource Sharing                
Valleyview Municipal Library is a participant in the provincial resource-sharing network and is a member of the Peace Library System (PLS), the Regional Automation Consortium (TRAC) and The Alberta Library (TAL).  The Valleyview Municipal Library may also borrow and lend to libraries outside these systems and out of province as the need arises.
a)    Valleyview Municipal Library shall issue as its borrowers card, one or more of the following: 1) TRAC card; 2) The Alberta Library (TAL) card, or, 3) Local-Use Only card.
b)    Valleyview Municipal Library patrons must follow the rules and policies of each library they borrow from and may return books to any participating library.
c)     Valleyview Municipal Library shall accept TRAC or TAL cards from visiting library patrons for the purpose of borrowing materials from our collection at the discretion of the Library Coordinator.
d)    The Library shall adhere to recognized interlibrary loans conventions and practices when borrowing and lending.
Legal Ref: Library Reg. 7(2) c
Cross Ref:         502.2 - Circulation of Library Resources

501.4       Borrower Services                                                        
Revised February 16, 2017
First Reading: February 16, 2017 – T. Boman, L. Urness
Second Reading: February 16, 2017 – L. Urness, T. Boman
Third Reading: February 16, 2017 - D. Stewart, M. Frostad
All in favour. Carried. February 16, 2017
501.4(i) Acquiring a Borrowers’ Card
a)    Any person who is a resident in the Town of Valleyview or Municipal District of Greenview No. 16 or the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation is eligible to apply for a borrowers’ card.
c)     A borrower’s application shall be dated and signed by the applicant or parent or guardian of an applicant less than 16 years of age. The application shall be accompanied by the borrowers’ card fee.
e)    Applications shall be reviewed to determine whether the applicant has outstanding fees or owing to Valleyview Municipal Library.
f)      Applicants shall pay any outstanding fees prior to being issued a borrower’s card.  Outstanding fees shall be cause to decline the application.
g)    Temporary Residents may apply for a Temporary Local-Use Only Membership, with fees and conditions as prescribed in Schedule B.
501.4(ii) Borrower Responsibilities                                              
a)    A borrowers’ card may only be used by the person to whom it has been issued.
b)    A borrower shall present their card if requested by Library staff when borrowing items at each visit to the library.
c)     A borrower shall, within a reasonable time, notify library staff of any change of postal address, email address and telephone number.
d)    A borrower shall return any library resource to the library by the date due. A borrower shall expect to pay overdue charges for items not returned by the date due.
501.4(iii) Borrower Card Fees and Fines                                        
a)    Borrower card fees shall be reviewed and approved by the Board annually.
b)    Borrower card fees shall be charged to town and M.D. residents wishing to have borrowing privileges with the Valleyview Municipal Library.
     c) Fines for overdue material shall be charged on a per diem basis.
c)     Fees and/or fines may be waived at the discretion of the Library Coordinator.
     CROSS REF:     501.2 Admin Practice: Library Fees
     LEGAL REF:      Library Board Bylaws 1-2004 Schedules A,C
501.5    Unattended Children in the Library
Revised November 2015
First Reading, November 18, 2015
Second Reading, January 20, 2016
Third/Final Reading, January 20, 2016
The Town of Valleyview Library Board and Valleyview Municipal Library encourage and promote children’s use of the Library. Administrative practices and procedures are in place to make the Library a safe and welcoming place for all Library users.
It is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to monitor the whereabouts and behavior of their children. Library staff will not be held responsible for the welfare of children left unattended in the Library.
Children visiting the Library who are 9 years of age or younger should be accompanied and supervised by a parent/caregiver (caregivers must be at least 16 years of age). Children left unaccompanied in violation of this policy may necessitate a referral to Children Services or other similar agency or authority.
Children 10 to 17 years of age may visit the Library unaccompanied, provided they follow the Library Code of Conduct which has been established by the Library Board and posted in the Library and on the Library website.
If children do not adhere to the Library Code of Conduct, they will be subject to the same consequences as a mature visitor, including being asked to leave the building if warranted. This possibility must be taken into account by parents or caregivers when deciding to leave a child unaccompanied in the Library.
The Library is open to the public and does not monitor the activities of Library users unless there is a violation of the Code of Conduct, or if a child under 10 is left unattended. Truancy is a School and Parent issue, not a Library issue. The Library cannot act in the role of parent, teacher or police. If a parent, caregiver or school representative visits the Library, or telephones to inquire if a child is in the Library, Library staff will assist by attempting to confirm whether the child is in the building.
Unattended or Lost Children during Open Hours:
Library Staff will help unattended or lost children locate their parent or caregiver using the procedure outlined here:
1)   Reassure the child and lead them through the public areas to locate their caregiver. If the caregiver is found, verify with the child that this is the correct person. When the caregiver is located, inform them of the unattended children policy.
2)   If the caregiver cannot be located within the building, attempt to contact them by phone. Remain with the child until the caregiver arrives. When the caregiver is located, inform them of the unattended children policy.
3)   If all reasonable attempts to locate the parent or caregiver fail, contact the RCMP at 780-524-3345 or 780-524-3343 – if there is no answer at the detachment, call 9-1-1. Remain with the child until help arrives. Complete an Incident Report.
Unattended or Lost Children at Closing Time:
Concern for children at closing time is not necessarily restricted to children 9 or younger. Library staff may use their best judgment and err on the side of caution to ensure children’s safety.
If a child 9 or under is unattended at closing time:
1)    Inquire with the child whether transportation or pick up arrangements have been made. Staff may wait with a child for up to 15 minutes after closing for a parent or caregiver to arrive.
2)    If no arrangements have been made, attempt to contact the parent or caregiver by phone. Inform them that the Library is closed and they must pick up their child within 15 minutes. When the parent or caregiver arrives, verify with the child that it is the correct person. Inform the parent/caregiver of the unattended child policy. Complete an Incident Report.
3)    If no parent/caregiver arrives within 15 minutes of closing, contact the RCMP at 780-524-3345 or 780-524-3343 – if there is no answer at the detachment, call 9-1-1 and wait with the child until the police arrive. Complete an Incident Report.
Under no circumstances will Library staff provide transportation for unattended children.


501.6  Evaluation of Services
The Library Board shall evaluate the operation and services of the Library the second quarter of every year in order to ensure that the goals and objectives of the Library are being met.
501.7    Plan of Service
The Library Board shall submit a Plan of Service to the Provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs every five years.
LEGAL REF:      Libraries Act, Section 13
501.8    Complaints 
a)    Complaints regarding Library services, materials, programs or staff may be made in writing or in person. 
b)    Complaints shall be handled initially by the Library Coordinator, and shall be noted in Librarian’s monthly report to the Board. 
a)    Complainants may appeal a decision of the Library Coordinator by writing a letter of complaint to the Board.
502.1                Collection Development and Materials Selection
a) The Library Board shall provide materials, either by purchase, donation or through cooperation with other libraries, which help to meet its objectives.
b) The responsibility for selection decisions rests with the Library Coordinator.
c) In accordance with these objectives, materials selected shall:
(a)  Reflect and provide for factual knowledge, literary appreciation, aesthetic values, and ethical standards.
(b)  Account for various interests, abilities, and maturity levels of patrons served.
(c)  Present opposing sides of controversial issues to give all patrons opportunities to develop critical thinking and reading skills.
(d)  Represent the various religious, ethical, and cultural groups and their contributions to Canadian culture.
(e)  Supply sufficient quantity and variety of informational and recreational reading to meet the needs of the community.
(f)    Recognize the wide range of ages, interests, educational backgrounds, interpretive skills, and sensory preferences of the public.
(g)  Include Valleyview and district history, works by local authors, and/or material pertaining to community members. 
CROSS REF:          502.1 Administrative Practices: Collection Development
502.2 Circulation of Library Resources                  
a) All catalogued resources not designated as “Reference” may circulate to Valleyview Municipal Library borrowers.
b) Non-circulating materials may be loaned at the discretion of the Library Coordinator.
c) Visitors with TAL cards shall be limited to borrowing up to 5 items.
502.2    Provision of Service to Those Unable to Use Conventional Print Material
First Reading Passed – October 21, 2015
Second Reading Passed – November 18, 2015
Third/Final Reading Passed – January 20, 2016
The Town of Valleyview Library Board upholds the right of persons unable to read conventional print to access materials in a format they are able to use.
A person who is unable to use conventional print may also be referred to as print-disabled.  Print-disabled persons may include any library user who has a (an):
·       Perceptual disability (as defined in the Copyright Act as “a disability that prevents or inhibits a person from reading or hearing a literary, musical, dramatic or artistic work in its original format.”
·       Disability resulting from severe or total impairment of sight or hearing, or the inability to focus or move their eyes.
·       Inability to hold or manipulate a book.
·       Impairment relating to comprehension.
The Town of Valleyview Library Board believes library users who are unable to use conventional print materials should still have full access to library services and programs. The Library Board shall endeavor to provide library services for print-disabled patrons that can be incorporated into all aspects of library service. 

Every patron who is print-disabled has unique needs. A broad range of print disabilities may be found in all communities.  The Library Board shall plan its services to meet the needs of a broad range of print disabilities.

Services to print-disabled patrons shall be treated as essential core services, and adequate funds shall be allotted to these services to maintain a local collection of materials for print disabled users including: Audio books, Talking Books and Large Print books, as well as providing access to materials and resources through interlibrary loan or online.

The Town of Valleyview Library Board shall work with, or use the resources of local, regional, provincial, and national organizations to provide services to print-disabled patrons.  Such organizations may include:
·       Peace Library System
·       Public Library Services Branch
·       Local community services organizations (e.g. Alberta Health Services, FCSS, schools, social services)
·       Regional or national organizations (e.g. CELA, CNIB, NNELS)
·       Other organizations as required

All staff members shall be provided with training opportunities to allow them to provide services to print-disabled library users.

The Town of Valleyview Library Board shall endeavor to provide materials in a form appropriate to the patron from whatever source is available.  Forms may include:
·       Talking books (e.g. Audio books, Books on CD/MP3, DAISY books)
·       Titles at a variety of reading levels for a variety of audiences (e.g. high/low titles)
·       Large print titles
·       Downloadable formats
·       Other adaptive technology (Daisy Reader)

Library staff shall consider the needs of print-disabled patrons when planning library programs.  Staff shall take whatever steps are reasonably possible to ensure print-disabled patrons are able to participate in all library programs, and shall regularly evaluate its programs to ensure they are being delivered effectively to those with print disabilities.

The Library Board shall promote library services to persons with print disabilities through local media and partner organizations. Services may be promoted in standard and alternative formats, depending on the needs of the audience.
502.4 Censorship
The Town of Valleyview Library Board adheres to the Canadian Library Association’s Statement on Intellectual Freedom. The Library Board does not interpret its function or that of the Library Coordinator or staff to be the supervisors of public morals. The Library Board believes it is the responsibility of parents, and not the responsibility of the Library staff, to determine which library resources are appropriate for their children.
502.5    Challenged Materials
The Library Board upholds the rights of library patrons to question materials that have been chosen for the Library. Complaints shall be addressed to the Library Coordinator.
Formal complaints shall be accepted by the Library Coordinator where:
a)    The complainant is a resident of the Town of Valleyview or M.D. of Greenview No. 16.
b)    The complainant must submit their complaint in writing, including name, phone number and address and complete a Request for Reconsideration Form (Schedule 502-A). 
Upon receipt of the completed formal Request for Reconsideration Form, the Library Coordinator shall:
a)    Review the complaint, research published reviews, and compile a list of other libraries that also own the item in question.
b)    Make a decision whether to retain the item, move to a different collection (Ie. age appropriate) or withdraw the item.
c)     Inform the Board of any Requests for Reconsideration and the action taken to resolve complaint.
d)    Inform complainant of decision and reasoning in writing.
The complainant may appeal of the decision of the Library Coordinator by   writing a letter to the Board within thirty (30) days. The Board’s decision shall be final.
Materials under review shall remain in the collection until a final decision is reached.

502.6    Donations of Materials
The Town of Valleyview Library Board encourages donations of books and materials to the permanent collection of the Valleyview Municipal Library. Such gifts are greatly appreciated. The same principles used in collection development and selection are applied to gifts as are to purchases.
Any gift material, which is not added to the collection, is disposed of to the best advantage of the Library. The Library Coordinator shall determine the disposition of all donated materials.
502.7    Weeding and Disposal of Weeded Materials
Items that cease to meet the selection guidelines may be removed from the collection at the discretion of the Library Coordinator.  The Library Coordinator shall arrange for the disposal of materials.

503     INTERNET POLICY                                       
503.1       Access to the Internet
Designated Internet stations at the Library are available for library users.  The purpose of the public Internet stations is to offer individuals, businesses, and community groups access to the unique resources and information on the internet. Rules, guides and conditions for using the library Internet stations shall be clearly posted for the information of the users. Users not complying with posted rules may be denied access to internet stations.
a)    All users shall register at the Circulation Desk prior to beginning their Internet session.
b)    Children under 10 years of age using the Internet shall be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
APPENDIX 503.1A and 503.1B – Public Access Computer/Internet and Wireless Internet Guidelines
503.2       Content and Responsibility
The Town of Valleyview Library Board shall not assume responsibility for the quality, content, or accuracy of any Internet resource.  Further, the Library Board shall not be responsible for any damages suffered for any reason or in any way relating to public Internet stations housed in the public library.
503.3       Acceptable Use
All use of the stations and the Internet shall comply with applicable Canadian and international laws and the rules and policies of the Library Board.
503.4         Unacceptable Use
Unacceptable use activities include but are not limited to:
a)    Posting, viewing, or transmitting any unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, hate-inciting, defamatory, obscene, or pornographic materials, including without limitation any transmissions constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, otherwise violate any local, provincial, national, or international law, including without limitation, export control laws and regulations. Websites which promote gambling will not be allowed on the Public Computers.
b) Abuse or fraudulent use of the Internet.
c) Altering or damaging equipment and/or system performance or downloading of software. 
d) Invading the privacy of individuals.
e) Posting personal communications without the author’s consent.
f) Posting anonymous messages, engaging in harassment or bullying on the Internet.
503.4       Consequences of Unacceptable Use
The Library Coordinator shall suspend or terminate the Internet privileges of anyone using the Library’s Public Internet stations in contravention of the Internet policy.
Patrons who have had Internet privileges terminated may appeal to the Board in writing within thirty (30) days.  The decision of the Board in an appeal is final.



503.5       Privacy
The same standards of confidentiality that apply to other library transactions shall apply to the use of Internet resources.  The Library shall make reasonable efforts to protect the privacy of every user.
Circumstances when the usage may be reviewed and/or collected by the Library are as follows:
(a) As part of system maintenance activities.
(b) If improper or illegal use is believed.
(c) As required by law.
503.6       Printing and Downloading
The Library shall make available printing services according to current fee schedule.
CROSS REF:     Library Fees
504          PROGRAMS
504.1       General Programs
Library programs shall be organized by the Library Coordinator and Library staff using the Library’s Plan of Service as a guide.
504.2       Displays, Exhibits and Special Events
The Library promotes reading and encourages the appreciation of and interest in fine arts and sciences through exhibits, displays and special events.
505.1       Maintenance
Maintenance of Library facilities is the responsibility of the Town of Valleyview, as outlined in the Joint Agreement.
LEGAL REF:      Memorandum of Agreement between the Town of Valleyview and the Library Board.
505.2       Utilities
Utilities are the responsibility of the Town of Valleyview, as outlined in the Joint Agreement.
LEGAL REF:      Memorandum of Agreement between the Town of Valleyview and the Library Board.
505.3       Provision of Public Meeting Space                              
The Valleyview Municipal Library’s Multipurpose Room and media equipment and Gallery are primarily for Library use.  The rooms may be made available to nonprofit groups on request, as per Bylaw Schedule A “Multi-Purpose Room Rental”.  Groups shall use the rooms only during regular Library hours of operation, except by special prior arrangements with the Library Coordinator.

506.1       Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP)
The Library Coordinator, under appointment by the Library Board, is the Head of the Valleyview Municipal Library for the purposes of FOIP.  The Library Coordinator may then designate another person to act on his/her behalf should a FOIP request be made. 
Fees will be charged for FOIP requests according to the fee schedule
CROSS REF:     Library Fees






506.2       Protection of Privacy           
The Library upholds the individual’s right to privacy and the protection of personal information.
The Library Coordinator and staff shall be responsible for carrying out reasonable security measures that will appropriately protect the right of individual privacy.
a)    Trustees, staff and volunteers shall uphold the terms of the Confidentiality Agreement. 
b)    Parents of children under the age of 16 with a Family, Adult, or Youth membership shall be given access to their children’s records.
c)     Information about items-on-loan, borrower accounts, and matters under review regarding complaints or challenged materials shall be disclosed only to the library user directly. User information may be shared with Peace Library System libraries for the purposes of collecting fines or recovering borrowed materials.
Where disclosure is required by law, a properly executed warrant is required, at which time the Board, under legal advisement, shall make the decision to release, or not release, the information to the requesting body.
LEGAL REF:  Library Reg. 7(1)a
CROSS REF: 400.1, 501.7, 502.5










506.3       Personal Information Bank (PIB)
Valleyview Municipal Library
Town Population in 2006: 1725           
Patron Records:
Information contained: Information which supports the lending and use of library materials to the public and registered users of the Valleyview Municipal Library, such as: name, address, phone number, email address.
Participant Lists for Programs
Such lists are kept temporarily for the purposes of contacting participants of Library programs and may include: names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses.
Human Resources Records
Includes information for administration and payroll functions, and includes: employee names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, employment commencement date, salary grid placement, benefit plan information, employment contracts, performance evaluations, training certificates, commendations or reprimands.
Board Member Records
Board member records may contain the following information: names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
Legal Authority: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, section 32(c).











507    Social Media

The Library Board recognizes the prevalence of social media platforms as an effective and efficient method of communicating with the public. This policy sets out requirements and guidelines for Valleyview Municipal Library staff, authorized representatives, and the public for interacting on social media channels in a manner which will protect the reputation and brand of the Library and protect individual privacy.
The policy also includes requirements and guidelines for content, roles and responsibilities, legal obligations for contributors and a risk management strategy for the Library.
The Valleyview Municipal Library will use online and social media channels to extend the Library's welcoming and supportive service environment online in a manner which is consistent with the Library's mission, vision and service values.
Policy Statement
Online communication and service delivery are essential to support the Valleyview Municipal Library’s mission of providing access to a broad range of human knowledge, experience, information and ideas in a welcoming and supportive environment.
The Library considers online and social media channels to be the same as other communications and service delivery channels. The same standards, policies, and guidelines apply to online and social media as all other forms of Library communication, and the same quality of service will be provided.
The Library supports the responsible and effective use of online and social media for Library purposes, including:
·        Engaging in promotion, outreach, awareness raising and branding;
·        Delivering information and other Library services;
·        Improving and supporting customer service excellence;
·        Supporting media and public relations activities;
·        Promoting accessibility for all.
The Library does not accept responsibility for any content that appears on its online and social media channels that does not originate from Valleyview Municipal Library employees or authorized contributors.
To ensure that the Library makes effective use of online social media while also managing the inherent risks, the Library will post Terms of Use with requirements for participation and content, including:


  • The Library's right to alter, amend or remove content that does not comply with the Library's Terms of Use;
  • A Library contact for complaints and inquiries;
  • Guidelines and expectations for all contributed content on Valleyview Municipal Library's online and social media channels;
  • Provide guidance for members of the public and indicate expectations for service delivery and response;
  • Provide guidelines and/or training for all staff and authorized contributors who contribute content through the Library's online and social media channels;
  • Monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of online and social media channels in meeting the Library’s objectives;
  • Develop a risk management strategy to prevent and respond to potential issues and incidents in a timely, responsible and transparent manner.

The Valleyview Municipal Library’s Internet and Social Media Policy applies to the Library's online and social media activities, including but not limited to, websites, social networks, blogs, online communities, and mobile applications.
This policy applies to all Library staff, authorized contributors and members of the public who interact through the Library's online and social media channels.
Roles and Responsibilities
Library Employees
Participating in online communities allows Library employees to facilitate communication, provide information services, and offer customer service to our community.
The Valleyview Municipal Library expects employees to be committed to high standards of ethical and professional communication at work, and expects that this behavior will continue in the online environment.
Postings, comments and all online content should reflect the mission and values of the Library, and adhere to the guidelines in the Policy Handbook.
When Library employees use social media for personal use, they must consider their role in the organization and the potential impact of their communications on the brand, reputation and service values of the Valleyview Municipal Library. Employees should act appropriately and with good judgment giving consideration to possible consequences prior to posting content online.
Copyrights should be respected, and every effort should be made to give proper credit for content not originating from Library staff. Social media content created by an employee as part of his or her employment responsibilities is the property of the Library and not the employee.
Inflammatory comments, controversial opinions, hate speech or other slurs are prohibited. Library staff must ensure that the privacy of staff, the Library Board and Library users is protected.
Employees will refrain from publicly posting negative comments about the Library, Library management, the Library Board, other staff members, the Town of Valleyview and the M.D. of Greenview #16.
If an employee becomes aware of an online incident or any content on a Valleyview Municipal Library channel that contravenes this policy or the Terms of Use they should report it to the Library Coordinator in a timely fashion.
Library staff members are encouraged to advocate for and promote the Valleyview Municipal Library on their personal social media accounts by ‘sharing’, ‘liking’, or ‘re-tweeting’ official Library posts.  Staff members are not required to use personal social media accounts for work-related purposes and activities.
Library staff may access and post to social media platforms during work hours provided it does not interfere with the performance of their other duties. Staff may not use gaming applications during work hours.
Employees who disregard these guidelines may be subject to reprimand and/or termination.
Members of the Public
The Valleyview Municipal Library encourages all members of the public to contribute to the interactive spirit of Valleyview Municipal Library's online and social media channels and communities. Comments, posts, messages and creative content are welcome, provided they are in keeping with the Library's mission, vision, service values and policies. Contributions must comply with the Library's Terms of Use and not violate the Library's Code of Conduct for user behavior.
User generated content, including user-created stories, videos, graphic novels and artwork, is welcome on all online and social media channels affiliated with the Library. The Library may on occasion solicit specific types of user content to showcase online. The Library Coordinator will determine at his or her own discretion if the content will be showcased.
All content provided by users for inclusion on the Valleyview Municipal Library's website or online and social media channels may be used and reproduced as the Library sees fit. Users agree that when contributing content that the Library has the right to use, reproduce and modify such content without making payments to the contributor. It is the responsibility of contributors to ensure that they have the right to contribute the material and they will bear full responsibility if they infringe the rights of anyone else in such material.
Authorized Contributors
Authorized external contributors who are invited to participate in Valleyview Municipal Library's online and social media channels must adhere to the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct to ensure that a welcoming and supportive environment is maintained on the Library's online and social media channels.
Risk Management
Online and social media channels are dynamic and interactive with inherent opportunities and risks. Online messages should be considered as permanent, and have the potential to harm the image and brand of the Valleyview Municipal Library. This policy, along with guidelines and training for staff, are intended to prevent incidents or problems that may occur when communicating online.
The Library will use the following practices to manage online and social media channels:

  • Requiring approval for establishing channels;
  • Creating governance structures, guidelines and best practices to guide employees in the effective and appropriate use of channels;
  • Regularly monitoring channels to assess relevance and adherence to guidelines;
  • Designating appropriate staff resources to manage channels;
  • Provide training staff prior to their use of Valleyview Municipal Library's official channels;
  • Creating, posting and enforcing the Library's Terms of Use for Social Media;
  • Evaluating the success and sustainability of channels.

The Library will develop and maintain risk management protocols and procedures in the event of an online and social media incident.
If an incident or issue occurs, the Library will provide an appropriate response in a timely manner. In the event of an issue or an incident occurs, the Valleyview Municipal Library will investigate the matter and take appropriate action, which may include one or more of the following:

  • Issuing a response, correction or apology;
  • Deleting a comment or post;
  • Investigating similar or related incidents to prevent repeat incidents;
  • Pursuing legal advice and/or action;
  • Applying the Code of Conduct to exclude patrons from use of Library facilities, depending on the seriousness of the incident;
  • Applying human resources procedures, including disciplinary action up to and including dismissal;
  • Reviewing incidents after the fact to determine if preventive measures or the Library's response could be improved.

Specific Directives
The Library will post Terms of Use on online and social media channels.
The Library's online service environment is available to the public at all times. Although the Library does not actively monitor these channels at all times, they will be monitored regularly. Responses to concerns or complaints about the online service environment may not be provided immediately, but will be issued in a timely and appropriate fashion.
The Library will post appropriate response times on online and social media channels.


The Library does not restrict access to online communication for children and youth. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for monitoring and/or limiting the use of online and social media channels by their children.




1. The public access computers will normally be available during regular Library hours.
2. Use of the public access computers are on a first come, first served basis. Patrons must sign-in prior to using any of the computers, providing their correct name. One or more computers may be reserved for adult (18 years of age or older) use only. Adults 18+ may make reservations in advance, either in person or by telephone during regular library hours. Appointments may not be made more than one day in advance.
3. When using the public access computers


  • There is a 30-minute time limit (30 minutes = 1 session).
  • Access time of 30 minutes per session includes time required for downloading of files (if permitted).
  • Patrons must sign in for each 30-minute time slot. At the end of a 30-minute slot, a patron may sign in for an additional 30-minute slot, if no one else has booked that slot, to a maximum of two hours per day.
  • If an individual requires a longer session time to complete courses, exams, online job applications, etc., they may reserve the time required with Library staff.
  • If Library staff request a patron to sign-off the computer they must do so immediately or future access privileges may be denied.
  • Latecomers forfeit the portion of their reserved time slot already used and after five minutes, another patron may book that time slot.
  • No more than one person shall occupy a computer workstation at one time, as space is limited, unless it is a parent or guardian accompanying a child under 10 years of age.

 4. Users may send or receive e- mail (electronic mail) using the public access computers. Users are discouraged from using credit cards or banking information on the public access computers. If users choose to access banking, financial sites, it is at their own risk. The Library takes no responsibility for sensitive information that may be accessible to other patrons using the public computers.
5. Users cannot use their own software programs or computer hardware on the public access computers. No downloads of software are permitted. This will help prevent computer viruses that are common to public access computers.
6. Users will need to ask a staff member on duty at that time if they wish to save files. Files may only be saved to external flash drives.
The public access computers use virus-protection software, but this does not
provide absolute protection from files downloaded on these computers. Also software downloaded from the Internet may contain viruses or harmful files. It is recommended that users have their own virus-protection software installed on personal computers and other devices.
7. The Library provides printing services. There will be a charge per copy fee charged according to current fee schedule. Staff may stop a print job where an unreasonable number of pages (30 pages or more) have already been printed or where the printing is interfering with another patron’s use of the computer. Colour printing is available for an additional charge.
9. Library staff is available to help users access the Internet and online resources on the public access computers, but are not able to provide in-depth training. During normal Library hours staff will assist with general questions and offer search suggestions to the best of their abilities.
10. Parents of children under 10 years of age are requested to supervise their children’s use of the public access computers and the Internet. Unsupervised children who appear to be unable to use the computers or access the Internet, without supervision, will not be allowed to use the equipment.
11. Misuse of the public access computers or the Internet access will result in loss of computer privileges.
12. Situations may arise where the public access computers may be unavailable to the public. These situations may include computer maintenance, equipment failures, to lower risk of public infections, or at the discretion of the Library Co-ordinator.







Valleyview Municipal Library - Wireless Internet Access Policy
1.       In keeping with our mission to provide services that meet the information needs of our community, Town of Valleyview Library Board provides Internet access to all library users; a card is not required.  The Library is not responsible for the content or the quality of information accessed on the Internet.  Parents, legal guardians or caregivers are responsible for monitoring Internet sites and information accessed by their children. 
2.         The Town of Valleyview Library Board offers free wireless access for individuals’ personal mobile devices. These access points are unsecured and are accessible only during normal library hours. This service is also governed by Valleyview Municipal Library’s Public Access Computer/Internet Policy.  Printing service is not available to wireless users.
3.         As with most public wireless internet, the Library’s wireless connection is not secure.  Use of the wireless connection is done at the user’s own risk.  The Town of Valleyview Library Board encourages users to avoid sending personal data such as credit card information or passwords as the information could be monitored, captured or altered by third parties.
4.         Users need to know how to configure their own computer for Wi-Fi network access.  Library staff cannot troubleshoot problems related to users’ wireless devices or assist in making changes to devices, network settings and/or hardware configuration.  Due to liability issues, library staff cannot handle your equipment.  The Library Board cannot guarantee that user devices will work with the Library’s wireless access points.
5.         It is recommended that all wireless access users should have up-to-date virus protection and personal firewalls installed on their portable devices prior to using any wireless system.  The Library Board will not be responsible for any information that is compromised and/or damage caused to users’ hardware or software.
6.         The Library Board assumes no responsibility for the safety of personal devices; users must keep their equipment with them at all times to avoid theft or damage to their personal property.
7.         Users shall use the Library’s wireless internet service in a legal and responsible manner.  Internet users must be aware that they are working in a public environment with people of all ages and with diverse viewpoints.  Users must not engage in any activity that interferes with the any other person’s ability to use the Library and its resources. Users are subject to federal and provincial legislation related to Internet use, including the provision of the Criminal Code regarding obscenity, child pornography, sedition, and the incitement of hatred.  The Library Board reserves the right to terminate wireless Internet session at any time.

APPENDIX 507 – Internet and Social Media
The Valleyview Municipal Library welcomes your participation to support the vibrant, dynamic, and interactive spirit of the Library's virtual community. Your comments, posts, messages and creative content are welcome on all online and social media channels affiliated with the Library (the "Channels") provided they encourage a respectful dialogue and comply with these Terms of Use and the Library's mission, values and policies, and Rules of Conduct.
If you have questions or concerns about these Terms and Conditions, or if you wish to submit a complaint, please contact the Library Coordinator at 780-524-3033.
Content Posted by the Public
You are responsible for the content you post to a Library owned social media channel. The Library reserves the right to delete, remove, or not accept, any content you submit if the Library believes it is objectionable, or:

  • May be unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, hateful or discriminatory;
  • Impersonates any person or entity, or falsely states or otherwise misrepresents your affiliation with a person or organization;
  • May infringe another person's intellectual property rights, including copyright;
  • Is personal information published without the consent of the person to whom the information relates;
  • Is unrelated to the content of the relevant channel;
  • Links to material that is not directly related to the discussion on the relevant channel;
  • Is commercial promotion or spam;
  • Violates any law or material not in keeping with the safe and welcoming environment of the Library.

While the Library will attempt to remove or edit any such objectionable content, it may not be possible to review all content immediately. Therefore, you acknowledge that all content submitted to a Channel, other than content submitted by, or on behalf of the Library, expresses the views and opinions of the person submitting it and the Library bears no liability for the content. In accordance with the Library's policies and procedures, the Library may take appropriate action in response to incidents and issues up to, and including, legal action.
The content you submit to a channel remains your property, but by submitting it, you give the Library an ongoing license to use, reproduce, publish, display, distribute, transmit, modify, adapt and create derivative works of, such content without payment of any compensation to you. You also waive any moral rights you may have in any content you submit. This license continues even if you stop using the relevant channel.
You also agree that you will respect the intellectual property rights of others when using the channels, and represent that you have all of the necessary rights to grant the Library this license for all content you submit to a channel.
You agree to indemnify and hold the Library, and its officials and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your violation of these Terms of Use or your violation of any rights of another through your use of a channel.
Content Posted by the Library
All content contributed by, or on behalf of, the Library to its channels, remains the property of the Library. In order to reproduce this content, you must request permission from the Library, except the following which are permitted:

  • Download and print copies of the content for your personal and non-commercial purposes; and
  • Place links to channels on your own websites or on social media.

Links to Third Party Sites
A channel may contain links to other sites not maintained by or related to the Library. Such links are not sponsored by, endorsed or otherwise affiliated with the Library or its products and services. The Library may not have reviewed all of the sites linked to a channel and is not responsible for the content of any off-site pages or links to any other sites. Viewing all other sites is at your own risk.
Use of and browsing the channels, is at the user's own risk. The Library shall not be liable for any damages arising out of your access to, or use of, or browsing the channels or uploading content to a channel including, without limitation, damage to, or viruses that may infect your computer equipment or other property as a result of such use or access. Without limiting the foregoing, everything on the channels is provided to you "As Is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.
Legal Jurisdiction
These Terms of Use are governed and interpreted under the laws of the Province of Alberta and any action arising in respect to the application of these Terms of Use or use of a channel shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.







Valleyview Municipal Library – Bylaws -
Schedule A – Provision of Rental Space
Multi-Purpose Program Room (Library)
Usage during regular hours of operation:
Groups which are Not-for-Profit, Educational or Library-related may reserve use of the room at no charge when available. If staff is required to provide services during this usage, additional charges may apply.
Other usage may be charged at the Library Co-ordinator’s discretion, as follows:

  • Up to four consecutive hours $50.00

 Usage outside regular hours of operation:
The Library prefers that usage of library space occur during regular hours of operation. In some cases, usage of the library after hours may be arranged at the discretion of the Library Coordinator. The Gallery fee schedule will apply to events booked after regular Library hours. Additional charges may be assessed for janitorial services and/or security (locking and unlocking the building, and staff remaining on site) costs if required at a rate of $30.00 per hour or portion of an hour and charged back to the group renting the space.
 Gallery Facility
Usage by Not-for-Profit Organizations during regular hours of operation:

  • Free of charge as available.

Other Usage:

  • Up to four consecutive hours - $100.00
  • 4 to 8 consecutive hours - $150.00

 Additional fees may be assessed for janitorial services if required or security costs. If janitorial work is required as a result of the rental, the work shall be charged at a rate of $30.00 per hour and charged back to the group renting the space.
Extended rentals (greater than three days) may receive a discounted or waived rate at the discretion of the Library Co-ordinator or the Library Board. Exceptions will be handled on an individual case basis.