Policies - Section 200 - Trustees

February 15, 2017   

                SECTION 200 – LIBRARY TRUSTEES



The Library Board is governed by the Libraries Act and provincially legislated regulations that impact the operation of public libraries. 
The Library Board, through the Library Co-coordinator, has responsibility for the day-to-day operation of Valleyview Municipal Library.  The Library Co-coordinator shall be deemed to be responsible for the management of the library.
The Library Board shall develop and keep current, by-laws and policies so as to provide direction regarding the operation of the libraries:
a) For Library Trustees
b) For Valleyview Municipal Library, to the Library Co-coordinator, staff and volunteers.

LEGAL REF: Libraries Act

               The Library Board has been in establishment since October 5, 1970.
201.1       Legal Name of the Library Board
               Incorporated under the name "Town of Valleyview Library Board" and commonly known as Town of Valleyview Library Board.
               Established, October 5, 1970.
               LEGAL REF:  Town of Valleyview, By-Law 21-70
201.2       Legal Status of the Library Board
               The Library Board has all the powers and responsibilities provided to libraries under the Libraries Act and attendant regulations including the development of appropriate by-laws.
               LEGAL REF:  Libraries Act, Section 7
201.3       General Powers and Duties of the Library Board
               The rights, powers, duties and liabilities of Library Trustees rest only with the legally constituted Library Board, and not with committees of Trustees or individual Trustees, unless they have been given the power to act by a Board motion.
               The Library Board sees its general duties as:
a)    Policy Making: The Library Board is responsible for the development, adoption and implementation of policies and by-laws.
b)    Planning: The Library Board is responsible for setting long and short term goals in order to implement stated objectives.
c)     Financial Management: The Library Board shall undertake to assure that the libraries have sufficient funds for regular operations, for special projects, and for capital needs. It shall develop and produce an annual budget for submission to the Town of Valleyview and MD of Greenview No. 16.
d)    Evaluation: The Library Board is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of its policies and their implementation, and for updating goals and objectives on an ongoing basis.
e)    Public Relations: The Library Board shall act as a liaison between the library and the community.
201.4              Membership on the Library Board
201.4.1        Voting Membership
The Library Board shall consist of not fewer than five and not more than 10 members appointed by Town Council. Not more than two (2) representatives of Town or M.D. council may be members of the Board.
As per a mutual understanding between the Town of Valleyview and the M.D. of Greenview # 16, the Library Board should consist of a balanced number of individuals representing the Town and the M.D. of Greenview #16 communities. For example, the Board may consist of:
a)    One representative of Town of Valleyview Council
b)    One representative of The Municipal District of Greenview #16
c)     Trustees (No fewer than three - no more than eight members) being residents of either the Town of Valleyview or the Municipal District of Greenview No. 16.
               LEGAL REF:             Town of Valleyview, By-Law 21-70
All Library Board trustees are encouraged to hold a current borrower’s card in good standing at The Valleyview Municipal Library.
201.4.2        Ex-Officio Members
The Valleyview Municipal Library Co-ordinator shall attend as an ex-officio member without voting privileges at all regular meetings and may assist or attend special or committee meetings as required.
201.4.3        Appointment
Recommendations for appointments of members-at-large shall be made at regular meetings of the Town of Valleyview Council or M.D. #16 of Greenview Council.  A person who is an employee of either municipal board is not eligible to be a member of that board.
Trustee candidates will be appointed by Town of Valleyview Council at Council Meetings.
Any vacancy arising from any cause must be filled by Council as soon as reasonably possible for Council to do so.
201.5       Term of Office for Library Trustees
The term of office for the Library Board shall be three years.
When appointments are made in respect of a first municipal board, council shall, as nearly as may be possible, appoint 1/3 of the members for a term of one year, 1/3 of the members for two (2) years and the remaining members for a term of three years.
Trustees are eligible to be reappointed for two (2) additional consecutive terms of office after which a 2/3 majority of their municipal council must pass a resolution to reappoint for more than three (3) consecutive terms.
Notwithstanding this section, the term of office of a member continues until a member is appointed in that member’s place.
               LEGAL REF:  Libraries Act: Section 4 (4)
201.6       Organization of the Library Board
               The Library Board consists of up to ten library trustees duly appointed. At the organizational meeting in May, elections shall be held for the following positions:
a)    Chairperson
b)    Vice-Chairperson
c)     Secretary
d)    Treasurer
e)    Any other officers the Board considers necessary
Standing Committees will elect their own Chairpersons.
               LEGAL REF:  Libraries Act Section 32
201.7       Library Board Vacancies
               Vacancies on the Board shall be advertised by the Town of Valleyview Council, and in the MD of Greenview No. 16 newsletter.
202.1       Code of Ethics of the Library Board
               Library Trustees shall abide by the Code of Ethics found in:
               APPENDIX REF:  202.1A Trustee Code of Ethics
202.2 Elections or Resignation of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson
               a) At the organizational meeting the Library Board shall elect one of its members at large as Chairperson and another member at large as Vice-Chairperson to hold office for that year. At subsequent organizational meetings these same members may be reelected to these positions.
 b) If the Chairperson through illness, absence or other cause is unable to perform the duties of his/her office, the Vice-Chairperson has all the powers of office and shall perform all the duties of the Chairperson during his or her inability or absence.
c) The Chairperson is an ex-officio member of all committees of the Library Board including Standing and Ad Hoc committees.
d) The Chairperson may resign his/her position as Chairperson while retaining his/her seat on the Library Board.
202.3       Role and Responsibilities of the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson
               1) Chairperson
As leader of the Library Board the Chairperson's primary function is to assist the Library Board in achieving two basic needs:
a) To operate as a group
b) To achieve its goals
               The Chairperson's specific functions are to:
c) Conduct meetings
d) Be responsible to enact the duties of Chairperson
e) Speak on behalf of the Library Board as the Board’s chief spokesperson.
f) Represent the Library Board at public functions.
               The Chairperson shall be thoroughly familiar with agenda items and confer with the Library Co-coordinator and Board Secretary on the preparation of the agenda (i.e. items to be included and the order).  In addition, the Chairperson must be skillful in leading discussion, questioning, listening and discerning when to call for a vote.  Further, the Chairperson must be consistent in following Robert's Rules of Order for the meeting and respect the rights of the trustees while always directing the discussion to the topic before the Library Board.
               Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Chairperson's main duty is to ensure that each member of the Library Board has a full and fair opportunity to be heard and understood by his/her peers so that a collective opinion can be developed that is truly based on the thinking of the group.  The importance of this duty transcends all others.
               The Chairperson is the official spokesperson for the Library Board and should confine himself/herself to Library Board policy and whatever interpretation it may require.  The Chairperson may delegate this responsibility.  From time to time, it may be necessary for the Chairperson to take a position for the Library Board.  The Chairperson must always make it known that the position is just that and is not an official position of the Library Board until it has been ratified by the Library Board.
               From time to time the Chairperson may be requested to represent the Library Board. These activities would be attended by the Chairperson or delegated to the Vice-Chairperson or other Library Trustee.
               2) Vice-Chairperson
               If the Chairperson through illness, absence or other cause is unable to perform the duties of his/her office, the Vice-Chairperson has all the powers and shall perform all the duties of the Chairperson during his/her absence.
               If both the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson through illness, absence or other cause are unable to perform the duties of the office, the Library Board shall appoint an acting Chairperson, who thereupon rest all the powers and duties of the Chairperson.
               In addition, the Vice-Chairperson shall carry out such duties as may be assigned by the Chairperson such as being official spokesperson of the Library Board.  The Vice-Chairperson is an ex-officio officer of the Library Board on committees or other assignments when officially requested by the Chairperson.
               It is important for the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson to establish a two-way communication level that will complement both in performing their functions.
               3) Secretary
               The Secretary shall be responsible for recording minutes of all regular meetings of the Board, and will ensure that minutes are forwarded to the Town of Valleyview and M.D. of Greenview No. 16, and a copy placed on file at the Library. The Secretary shall prepare correspondence when so directed by the Board.
               4) Treasurer
               The Treasurer shall review all financial reports on a monthly and annual basis.
               CROSS REF: 
               201.7 Organization of the Board
               202.2 Roles and Responsibility of the Chairman of the Board
202.4       Role and Responsibilities of Committee Chairpersons
               Committee Chairpersons shall be responsible for calling a meeting, setting the agenda, chairing the meeting, reporting back to the Library Board.                                 


               The Library Board recognizes that the development and adoption of by-laws, policy and the revision of existing policy is one of its primary responsibilities and a vehicle by which the Board exercises its mandate to govern.  The by-laws and policies approved by the Board set the framework by which the libraries can attain the goals expressed throughout this handbook. The Board recognizes that its by-laws and policies should be specific enough to provide positive direction yet allow flexibility, situational judgment and initiative on the part of staff. The Library Board relies on their management to implement by-laws and policies set by the Board.  For Valleyview Municipal Library, the Director is the Library Co-coordinator. 
203.1       Formulation of By-laws and Policy
               a) Development of by-laws and policies is a continuous process.  In order to meet changing needs and circumstances, Board by-laws and policies shall be periodically reviewed and revised as necessary.
b) The Library Board recognizes that input of those most affected by by-law and policy decisions is critical and hereby establishes a Policy Committee to make recommendations to the Library Board. Library staff are encouraged to review the Policy Handbook and bring potential issues to the attention of the Library Co-coordinator or Library Board.
c) The Policy Committee shall be responsible for preparing draft by-laws and policies, for analyzing policy alternatives, and for assisting the Policy Committees in their policy discussions.
               d) The Policy Committee shall be responsible for the arrangements necessary to have by-laws ratified by the Town of Valleyview and M.D. of Greenview No. 16 Councils.
f)      The Valleyview Municipal Library Co-ordinator shall be responsible for forwarding all new and revised by-laws and policies after approval by the Board, to Alberta Public Libraries Branch department for filing.
               APPENDIX 203.1A: Policy on Policymaking
203.2       Revision of By-laws and Policy
               The need to maintain and update by-laws and policies is paramount if the policy handbook is to serve staff and public as a guide to the operations of the Library.  The Policy Committee shall review by-laws or policies that are no longer functional.
               It is the duty and responsibility of all employees to bring to the attention of the management any by-laws or policies that are no longer relevant.  The Valleyview Municipal Library Co-ordinator shall ensure that policies are reviewed every three years.
203.3       Approval of By-laws and Policies                                                                                                                                                    
               By-laws must receive three successful readings by the Library Board to be approved.  The by-laws shall then be sent to the Town of Valleyview Council for ratification.  (If in future, the Board becomes an Inter-Municipal Library Board and is registered as such with Alberta Municipal Affairs, then the By-laws will also be ratified by the M.D. #16 of Greenview Council as well). The by-law shall be deemed to be in effect on the date of the third reading by the Library Board.
               Copies of the by-laws shall be available at the public desk and placed in the Policy Handbook.  A copy of the by-law shall be also filed with the Alberta Public Libraries Branch.                                        
               The Library Board approves a draft policy in one reading. It then becomes official policy of the Library; effective on the date it is approved.  All current policies are contained in the Policy Handbook. Policy may, at the Board's discretion, include regulations or rules for dealing with details of procedure.  In the Policy handbook they are identified by a number code followed by “R”.
               Administrative practices designated “A.P.” and Appendices may be amended or deleted by the Library Co-coordinator or management as required.  If appropriate, they may be presented to the Board as information.
203.3.1    Voting via E-Mail
               First Reading: October 19, 2016
                  Second Reading: November 16, 2016
                  Third Reading: February 15, 2017
                  Motion to approve: Trustee D. Stewart, Trustee L. Urness
                  All in favour. Carried.
               In exceptional situations, a vote on policy or procedure may be called for via e-mail by the Board Chair or Vice-Chair.
               Each Board Trustee has one vote per issue. Two-thirds of all active trustees must vote for the vote to be valid. Proxy voting will not be allowed for e-mail votes. The results of the e-mail vote will be ratified and recorded in the minutes of the next regular board meeting.
203.3.2    Policy Handbook 
(i) Proposed changes to policy shall be presented for approval to the Library Board at the next regular meeting of the Library Board.
(ii) All additions or deletions to the Policy Handbook will be distributed as soon as Library Board approval is received.
(iii) A copy of the Policy Handbook shall be provided to each Library Trustee and Alberta Library Branch.  A copy of the Policy Handbook will be kept at the circulation desk of each Library.
(iv) Policy Handbook shall be reviewed every three years.
(v) The Policy Handbook will be updated electronically.
203.4       Committees of the Library Board
a)    Whereas the Library Board recognizes that time constraints of regular Board meetings preclude in-depth examination of many major issues, problems and interest areas, it shall establish certain standing committees for major areas of responsibility and may from time to time, establish ad-hoc committees for specific purposes. In addition, the Board may appoint members as representatives to other boards or associations.
b)    Appointments to standing committees are normally made annually at the organizational meeting.
c)     The Library Board Chairperson is an ex-officio member of all committees.
203.4.1    Committees of the Library Board                                                      
(i) Policy Committee: The Policy Committee shall annually review the policy handbook, and update and/or draft policy for adoption by the Library Board.
               (ii) Finance Committee: The Finance Committee shall review monthly and annual financial reports and budgets for recommendation to the Library Board.
(iii) Personnel Committee: The Personnel Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Trustees with respect to hiring, probation period, annual evaluation and dismissal of the Library Co-coordinator.  With the Library Co-coordinator, they shall participate in the hiring of staff, and review staff grievances as set out in Section 402.8.
               REF: Section 402.8 Appeal Procedures                            
203.4.2    Temporary Ad Hoc Committees of the Library Board
               The Library Board may from time to time establish ad hoc committees for specific purposes. It is understood that an ad hoc committee automatically dissolves when it has completed its mandate.
203.5       Legal Counsel
               When necessary, the Library Board may consult with or engage the services of legal staff.
203.6       Conflict of Interest for Library Trustees
               In the case of a conflict of interest, Library Trustees shall abide by the Code of Ethics as attached in the appendix.
               APPENDIX REF:  202.1A Trustee Code of Ethics
203.7       Library Board Self-Evaluation
               The Library Board will undergo an annual self-evaluation.
               APPENDIX REF:  203.7A Self-Evaluation Criteria
204.1       Open Meetings Law
               Regular meetings of the Library Board are open to the public.
204.2       Regular Library Board Meetings
               The Library Board shall at its annual organizational meeting in May set the times and dates for the regular Library Board meetings for the subsequent year.
               LEGAL REF:  Libraries Act, Section 5.33(1)
204.3       Special Board Meetings
               The Chairperson may call special meetings of the Library Board, as necessary.
204.4       In-Camera Sessions of the Library Board
               When the majority of Library Trustees present at a meeting of the Library Board determine it is in the public interest to hold the meeting or a part of the meeting in private (in-camera) for the purpose of considering matters of a sensitive nature (e.g. personnel, legal, negotiations), the Library Board may by resolution meet in-camera to discuss a matter(s) agreed upon during the open portion of a regular meeting. The recording of minutes will cease and members of the public will be asked to step outside the room until such time as the confidential discussion is concluded and the open meeting resumes.
               In the event that no trustee is willing to make such a motion, the Chairperson of the meeting may so move. The motion must gain majority Library Board approval before the meeting may go in-camera.
               When a meeting is held in-camera, the Library Board does not have the power to pass a resolution apart from the motion necessary to revert to an open meeting.
               The details of an in-camera session are private and confidential.  No person present shall take any notes or disclose any details of discussion held.
204.5       Organizational Meetings of the Library Board
               The Library Board shall hold an organizational meeting annually in the month of May.
204.6       Annual Report of the Library Board
               The Library Board through its management shall prepare an annual public report to be approved by the Library Board and then submitted to the Alberta Public Libraries Branch by the end of February each year.  The management for Valleyview Municipal Library is the Library Co-coordinator. 
               LEGAL REF:  Library Regulations: Part 3 (15)
204.7       Notice of Library Board Meetings
               Notification to members shall be five days prior to a regular Library Board meeting. Each Library Trustee shall be provided with an agenda, minutes of the previous meeting, reports, and pertinent background information for consideration.
               A minimum of 48 hours notification shall be given for a Special Library Board meeting. A special meeting may be held with less than 48 hours notice only with the consent of two-thirds majority of the Library Board.
               CROSS REF: 204.2  Regular Library Board Meetings
    204.3  Special Library Board Meetings
204.8       Quorum for Library Board Meetings
               A quorum is a majority of the members of the Library Board.
               No act or proceeding of the Library Board is binding unless it has been adopted at a meeting in which a quorum of the Library Board was present.
204.9       Rules of Order
               The Library Board shall conduct its meetings using the Robert’s Rules of Order.
1.     Voting on Question
     a) All resolutions shall be submitted to the Library Board by the Chairperson or a trustee. No seconder is required.
     b) The Chairperson, when present, and each trustee present shall vote for or against every question,
i)   unless, in a specific case, the Chairperson or trustee is excused by resolution of the Library Board from voting, or
ii)   unless, otherwise excused by this Act, the Recording Secretary shall, whenever a recorded vote is requested by any trustee, record in the minutes the name of each trustee present and whether the trustee voted for or against the matter.
2. All questions and comments by trustees shall be addressed through the chairperson.
204.10     Agenda for Library Board Meetings
               Agenda preparation:
a)    The Chairperson and the Library Co-coordinator shall prepare a tentative agenda.
b)    An addendum to the agenda may be added through the Chairperson of the Library Board or Library Co-coordinator.
204.11     Order of Regular Business Meetings of the Library Board
               The order of business of the meeting shall be as per the agenda unless a majority of the Library Board changes the order.
204.12     Minutes of Meetings of the Library Board
               The Board Secretary shall be responsible for the recording, maintenance and distribution of the records of all Library Board meetings.
               The minutes of regular and special Library Board meetings shall be approved by the Library Board and signed by the Chairperson.
               LEGAL REF:  Libraries Act, Section 34
205.1       Basic Expenses
a)    Library Trustees carrying out authorized duties shall be expected to exercise the same care in incurring expenses that a prudent person would exercise in traveling on personal business.
b)    Approved expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the requirements and subject to the limitations specified in the guidelines and procedures.
c)     Approved expenses will be reimbursed for attendance at conferences, workshops, seminars and meetings, when such attendance has been approved by the Library Board or approval is covered in Policy; and other Board approved activities carried out by Library Trustees in the performance of their duties.
d)    Claims for reimbursement of expenses must be submitted to the Library Co-ordinator within two months of the expenses being incurred.
e)    All expense reimbursement claims must be on an individual Library Trustee basis other than expenses claimed when car-pooling.
f)      In those cases where a Library Trustee incurs expenses and another organization has agreed to reimburse the Library Trustee, then the claim must be submitted directly to that organization.
               CROSS REF:  Policy Section 303.5
205.2       Membership in Regional, Provincial or National Associations
               The Library Board, by choice, is a member of the Alberta Libraries Trustees Association.
205.3       Attendance at Conferences, Seminars and Meetings
               Library Trustees are encouraged to attend conventions, seminars and meetings that are relevant to their work during the course of the year.
205.4       Library Trustee Orientation
               It is important to introduce newly appointed trustees to the duties and ethics of their positions and to give them an overview of the workings of the library. The Board and Library Co-coordinator shall conduct or prepare a library trustee orientation for all newly appointed trustees.
Code of Ethics of the Alberta Library Trustees Association

Library Boards exist to develop, promote and monitor library services, as a public trust. To this end, library trustees should be committed to the following principles:

  1. The primary goal of public library trustees is to ensure that the public has access to the highest quality of library services possible.
  2. Trustees should ensure that each person has access to the most complete library service possible compatible with equal service for others. Where limitations in service are unavoidable, any inherent inequality of service should favour those residents least able to obtain alternate service.
  3. Library Trustees should observe ethical standards with truth, integrity, and honour.

               a) Trustees should avoid situations where personal advantage or financial benefits may be gained at the expense of other library users.
               b) Trustees should distinguish between their personal views and those of the institution by respecting the position of the board, even though they may disagree.
               c) Trustees should respect the confidential nature of library records within the framework, which allows for the monitoring of material usage and the need for public accounting.

  1. Trustees should respect the established structure of the library.

               a) Trustees should attempt to work harmoniously with the board and ultimately accept its will.
               b) Trustees should limit their trusteeship role to policy governance and advocacy.

  1. Trustees are expected to take responsibility for their personal development through continuing education opportunities and participation in provincial and national library organizations.
  2. Trustees should support intellectual freedom in the selection of library material.

Valleyview Municipal Library
Policy on Policy Making
1.       Statement of Intent:
The Board, given the authority under the Alberta Libraries Act for the management of the Valleyview Municipal Library, assumes with that authority the duty for developing policies related to the framework, governance and operation of the Library.  The Board recognizes that the development of policy is a process for providing effective parameters and guidelines for action of all its committees and staff. The Board expects all staff to be knowledgeable of those polices that relate to their duties and actions.
2.       Organizational Channel for Policy Making:
The Board will see the input of the Library Co-coordinator on Board policies pertaining to the governance and operation of the Valleyview Municipal Library.
1. Suggestions for policy development may come from staff, trustees, Board standing committees, members of the community, and the Valleyview Municipal Library Policy Handbook. Policies drafted by Board Standing Committees will come directly to the Board for approval. Any other draft policies will be submitted to the Policy Committee for review.
2. All policies and changes to them shall be approved by means of a motion at a duly convened Board meeting and recorded in the minutes of that meeting.
3. All approved policies shall be given a number and title and indicate the date of approval. Copies of the approved policy shall be distributed to all Board members and to the Library Co-coordinator, for inclusion in their copies of the Library Policy Handbook.
4. Policies will be reviewed in an ongoing basis. Each policy shall be reviewed at least once in every three years.
5. As the need arises, annually at a minimum, the Library Co-coordinator shall make recommendations to the Policy Committee regarding policies to remain in effect, or to be revised, added or deleted.
6. The Library Co-coordinator is responsible for the administration of programs and for implementation of policy.
3.       Typesetting of Policy
To maintain uniformity, policies will be prepared using the “Arial” font, 12-point typeface size. Headers are to be in bold, pages will be numbered according to Section. (Ie. Each Section will start at page one.)

                APPENDIX 203.7 A  

Self-Evaluation Criteria
Town of Valleyview Library Board’s
Annual Library Board Self-Evaluation
Town of Valleyview Library Board Policy 203.7: “The Library Board will undergo an annual self-evaluation.”
Attached is:
A Library Board of Trustees Self-Evaluation
Please answer the questions by scoring 1 to 4 for each question with:
                              1 = NO
                              2 = sometimes
                              3 = most times
                              4 = YES
Please read and answer each question carefully.
Place your score in the left hand margin next to the question.
Please complete this review and deliver it to the Library Co-coordinator by April 30, either in person or by email. The Library Co-coordinator will compile the results and present the results at the May meeting.
Thank you for participating in this Board evaluation.

                APPENDIX 203.7 A (Continued)

Library Board of Trustees Self-Evaluation
Does our board prepare to do its job, by:

  1. Conducting a thorough orientation for all new board members?
  2. Integrating new members into the team as soon as possible?
  3. Participating in continuing education?
  4. Providing regular board development activities for all board members?
  5. Performing an annual self-evaluation of board operations?
  6. Providing all board members with copies of the mission statement, bylaws, ordinance, long-range plan, library laws, and all other important documents of the library?
  7. Touring all facilities at least once a year?

Does our board ensure good meetings, by:

  1. Limiting most meetings to two hours or less?
  2. Providing a comfortable meeting room conducive to business?
  3. Convening and adjourning on time?
  4. Having the board chairperson lead the meetings?
  5. Sticking to the prepared agenda?
  6. Ensuring the board has enough information to make decisions on agenda items?
  7. Working for consensus rather than fighting for a majority?
  8. Discussing issues cordially, avoiding personal attacks?
  9. Following a businesslike system of parliamentary rules?
  10. Including the Co-coordinator as a resource for all deliberations?
  11. Confining all discussion to policy issues and avoiding management issues?
  12. Allowing/encouraging all board members to participate in discussion and not letting one or two persons dominate?

Do individual board members:

  1. Attend at least 90% of all board meetings and committee meetings to which they’re assigned?
  2. Come to meetings prepared to discuss agenda issues?
  3. Feel free to express even dissenting viewpoints?
  4. Come to meetings on time?
  5. Leave meetings with a feeling of accomplishment?
  6. See themselves as part of a team effort?
  7. Act as advocates for the library?
  8. Know their responsibility as board members of the library?
  9. Attempt to exercise authority only during official meetings of the board?
  10. Represent the broad interest of the library and all constituents, not special interests?
  11. Understand that the most efficient way to govern is to delegate management to the director?


                    APPENDIX 203.7 A (continued)

Does our board plan for the future of the library, by:

  1. Annually reviewing and approving the mission statement?
  2. Annually reviewing yearly objectives/work plan?
  3. Annually reviewing progress toward the long-range plan and modifying the long –range plan?
  4. Having board committees work and produce results?
  5. Operating from opportunity to opportunity rather than crisis to crisis?

Reinforcements and solutions:
In which of the major categories above does our board show real strengths?
In which of the major categories above does our board need improvement?