Read for 15

Cost: FREE
Libraries across Alberta!

What is Read for 15?

  • Read for 15 is an annual community vs. community reading challenge which was adapted from the NWET Literacy Council and has been running in Alberta since 2016.
  • Reading for 15 helps to promise literacy and show all reading is valid, and raise awareness of the value of reading for all ages.

How to Participate

  • Each library is responsible for promoting Read for 15 in their community and collecting their own statistics.
  • Encourage everyone in your community to Read for 15 on January 26th & 27th.
  • Families, teachers, students, doctors, lawyers, business people, politicians.
  • Encourage friendly competition.
  • Collecting and Reporting Reader StatisticsĀ 
  • Have everyone report their reading back to your library.
  • Offer options to report their reading: phone, email, Facebook/Messenger, webpage,
  • surveys, or visit your library in person
  • Record 15 minutes per person, one entry per person.

Report Your ResultsĀ 

  • Deadline to report your readers is January 29, 2024.
  • Watch the Read for 15 Facebook page for updates on ways to report your readers.
  • There are awards to be won! Winners will be announced on January 30, 2024!